Body Positive Intimate Portrait Photographer from Hobart, TAS


You bring your wonderful self. I’ll bring my camera, my creative eye and my skills and experience.

Together we’ll make beautiful photos.


“I would love to do this but I am not confident/sexy/thin/pretty enough”.

Does that sound familiar?


Babe, you are enough.

Let’s nip all that negative self talk in the bud straight up!

Every single woman I have photographed has expressed this to me in one way or another. It might be “I couldn’t look like that,” “I’m not sexy like her” or “I am not brave enough”.

I will make you feel comfortable, help you choose the best makeup and outfits, show you through the poses, we will laugh all the way through it I promise - you will have so much fun.

I guide you through the process 100%. You may start out a little nervous but it won’t last long, by the end your inner goddess is going to be shining bright and it is an experience that will stay with you for a long time after the shoot is over.

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My “Why”

As a makeup artist for the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of hanging out with amazing women. It is so common for us women to put ourselves down or compare ourselves to others. Self-esteem issues are so prevalent amongst us and it makes me really sad. It wasn’t that long ago that I really struggled with this and I have a little story to share of how I started to turn it all around.

I was on holiday and wanted to go for a swim - it was so hot! I didn’t have any bathers and couldn’t bring myself to leave the change-room in my undies and bra. I was crying because the water was so beautiful and all I wanted in the whole world was to get in that water and feel it’s cool relief but there was this big mental barrier stopping me. After some gentle encouragement from a lovely friend and a whole lot of courage, I stepped out into the water in my undies and just enjoyed it - it felt like such an accomplishment! My friend took a sneaky photo of me and I uploaded it to Instagram with a little blurb about my struggle and how I overcame it.

The next day I caught up with a friend and she had seen my post and even though she had bathers, she had been avoiding swimming with her family because she felt ashamed of her body. After seeing my post she had decided to have courage and do it anyway and she got into that water and had a great time.

The fact that I had made a difference to her life had really made it all worthwhile for me.

And now I would like to make a difference to yours.